About Pawn Shops

The pawn shop St. Louis is one of the oldest industries around. They were famous from Ancient in Greece and the Chinese have had pawn brokers for at least 4,000 years. Emperor Isabella pawned her ornaments so that Columbus could go in a boat in search of a new route to the West Indies. In turn, he trip upon America. All the way through history, people from all walks of life has make use of pawn shops from Kings and the rich to your average Joe. You can pay money for and sell things at a Saint Louis Pawn Shops and make use of your valuables as security for a loan.

St Louis Pawn Shop Facts

  • St Louis Pawn shops can purchase your valuables or recommend you a loan using them as security.
  • Pawn shops are approved by state and local administration to suggest client’s loans. Resale shops, cash for gold places and pay money for / sell stores are not. Mannisi Jewelers Pawn Shop is approved by the City and the State administration.
  • The interest rates that pawn shops can charge are synchronized by law. Pawn Shop has some of the lowly interest rates in the City.
  • Pawn shops are not only for poor people. A lot of our clientele are what could be explaining as being from a middle or upper economic background. We are here to assist all people get access to cash when they require it! When the banks are not lending, you can for all time get cash at Pawn Shop.
  • Pawn Shops are a good place to pay money for jewelry. Pawn Shop does not charge the mark-up that trade jewelry stores charge. In detail, a lot of jewelers are our usual clientele. They pay money for low from Pawn Shop and mark up their prices to retail. When you come to Pawn Shop, you may find jewelry prices at up to 70% off of retail. This comprises name brand products and luxury wristwatch.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old to pawn or trade an item, and you must show your valid state or national photo ID.

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