Bargain at a St. Louis Pawn Shop can be worrying. Read on tactics on how to bargain with a pawn shop, to acquire the most excellent cost at almost any pawn shop.

Identify what the item is value. Once you have an exact item in mind that you desire to buy, investigate what it is worth new, and more highly, the value in its existing condition.

Tips to bargain at pawn shops

Keep in mind, sale prices will be different depending on condition but this can work in your support. For instance, if a part of jewelry has a broken clasp, or is imprinted, ask the St Louis Pawn Shop broker if he or she can decrease the price.

All the things are negotiable. Once you identify what an item is worth and you have your purchase price in mind, keep in mind that the whole thing is negotiable, and do not be frightened to haggle.

Think the sticker cost your starting point. Saint Louis Pawn Shop brokers will wait for some haggling, so it would not surprise them if you inquire, what is the most excellent you can do on this? The most horrible that can occur is they would not move. But more frequently than not, they will be willing to work with you on the price, especially if the item has been in their inventory for a while.

Only pay with cash. Keep in mind, cash is ruler, so you will have a better possibility of getting the most excellent price if you have cash in hand. When you bring in a piece of jewelry or other item to Empire, that property is evaluated by an expert jeweler. If you select to take a loan out or pawn it instead of sell it, the item becomes security against the loan, and you get cash against that collateral.

For more info on getting a loan on your exact gold, jewelry or other article, go to our selling section of the Pawn Shop.


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  1. Ava Murphy May 29, 2018 Reply

    It’s nice that you suggested to not be afraid of haggling because the entire thing is negotiable when you buy a jewelry at a pawn shop. My mother’s birthday wish is a gold necklace. My goal is to find a pawn shop that sells gold necklaces at the most affordable rate, so I will be sure to negotiate with each local pawn shop that I will visit.

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